Sharing bonsai art secrets with all

20:43, Jun 15 2014
Glenys Jackson
BONSAI BONANZA: Glenys Jackson, of New Plymouth, with her 40-year-old scots pine bonsai. 

Glenys Jackson loves nothing better than turning her plants into magnificent works of art.

Jackson, of New Plymouth, is so passionate about the Japanese art of bonsai she is letting other people in on her secrets by hosting occasional displays at Big Jim's Garden Centre, near Bell Block.

Also on display are various trees created by New Plymouth Bonsai Club members.

"It's a lovely hobby," Jackson said.

"If you spend an afternoon, sitting quietly and working on the trees, you'll find it every relaxing."

Jackson's miniature scots pine bonsai is about 40 years old.


The trees got better with age and could live for over 100 years if they were well-looked after, she said.

Jackson said bonsai trees were popular among the younger crowd but quite often their trees died due to lack of knowledge.

"It's not hard looking after it," she said.

"It's important to water the plants every day in the summer, otherwise they die."

Jackson said the bonsai club has been going for about 35 years and the display was a way to promote both the art and the society.

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