Corey wins mooting contest

17:00, Jun 16 2014

Corey Vickers was all smiles when she walked away from a national mooting championship.

The Spotswood College student, 17, was named the best individual mooter at the Secondary Schools' Mooting Competition in Hamilton last week.

Mooting is debating a legal matter or problem against an opposing team and before a judge.

Vickers, along with team-mates Jessica Cooper and Summer Tosland, were runners-up in the competition, losing out to Hamilton's Hillcrest High School for championship title.

Vickers said she was "really pleased" with her success and the win was also a personal one for her.

"I get stage fright and I get really nervous talking in front of people. It's something I've had to slowly overcome over the years," Vickers said.


"So it's really nice to see it paying off."

It was not until Vickers rang her family with the good news that it sank in she had won.

"When I rang my mum and dad back at home and my brother in Christchurch, I was also sort of telling myself ‘you've actually done it. Well done, you've actually got something'."

Nerves were minimal on the big day, Vickers said.

"The team did really well. We all spoke very well," she said.

"We were chatting and laughing at the end because we knew we had done everything we could and used all our skills and everything."

Vickers plans on studying law and the win confirms she is on the right track.

"It has made me go ‘well, I have obviously got some skills in this area', so I'll follow that path and see where it leads me, " she said.

Vickers will use her $500 prize money to buy university textbooks.

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