Hawera bar's staff doing all they can

Staff at a Hawera bar say they are doing all they can to keep their patrons safe and its reputation intact, despite a number of arrests made near the establishment in recent months.

On Saturday, three people were arrested, two for disorder and one for obstructing police, outside Barrie's Restaurant and Sports Bar on Hawera's Princes St.

This follows an incident in March when seven people were arrested along the same street for a variety of charges including obstruction, assault on police, common assault and disorderly behaviour.

Barrie's spokesman Jeff Orr said a decision had been made by staff to shut early on Saturday night and although there had been no incidents in the bar itself, he was aware of what had happened outside.

He said there had been several other functions on in the town too, which meant there was a larger crowd out than usual.

"Sometimes we just don't expect the influx we get," said Orr.

Orr said punters "pre-loading" on alcohol was a big issue for them and was often a factor in who was allowed entry onto the premises.

"We probably turn away a lot more than we let in," he said.

However, people who were turned away often congregated outside or near the bar, which was also a time when potential problems arose.

Orr said five security staff were employed at the bar and a courtesy van was also made available for patrons, as well as food and non-alcoholic drinks.

"We do, whatever humanly possible, we can do," he said.

If anything were to get seriously out of hand at the bar, the police would be called.

"They know we run a good ship and we've never had a prosecution," said Orr.

Taranaki Daily News