Candidate signs Dotcom line

Grant Keinzley
Grant Keinzley

Taranaki's Internet Party candidate has been revealed.

Grant Keinzley, of Stratford, was yesterday named the party's candidate for the Taranaki-King Country electorate.

This is Keinzley's first foray into politics and being a politician was not something he aspired to while growing up.

"I never really liked politics," he said.

However, he is no stranger to the political arena, having spent more than a decade in Asia in the education sector, dealing with various politicians.

"I did a lot of presentations and I often had to address politicians," he said.

Keinzley said he learned how to work around politicians instead of "being a politician". He co-runs an IT business, SpoonIt, and said he was all too familiar with the frustrations felt by farmers who want to connect to the internet.

"Every time I try getting the internet turned on, I get 'no, no, they are not setting it up in that district, they're not laying cables there' - all that sort of stuff.

"It's really, really unfair."

Keinzley believes the region is quite "hard done by" in terms of its rural residents trying to get broadband connection.

"They [the farmers] need internet. Their kids go to school and they need computers.

"That's what got me into it."

Keinzley was born in Auckland but grew up in Waikato.

His work in Asia included setting up a non-profit China Typhoon Rescue Organisation, helping communities clean up and rebuild after a disaster.

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