Fun yet serious lesson

17:00, Jun 22 2014
Campbell Smith
ROCKING UP: Campbell Smith, 9, learned about the importance of wearing a seat belt through a rock climbing exercise on Friday.

A group of Bell Block School students went to great heights to learn about the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

An eight-metre vertical rock climbing wall was brought in by Roadsafe Taranaki as part of its Buckle Up - Keep Safe programme, teaching children the importance of wearing a seatbelt while travelling in a car.

Roadsafe worked with adventure activities company RockUp to bring the wall to Bell Block for the activity.

Children worked in teams of three on Friday as they took turns helping their friend with the harness before climbing the wall.

Student teacher De Welch said it showed children that not wearing a seatbelt was like "reaching the top of the wall and then jumping off".

Welch said the harness exercise taught students to be responsible for making sure they were properly buckled in.

"So it's not mum and dad going ‘put your seatbelts on'."

Roadsafe Taranaki co-ordinator Marion Webby said the activity sent the message to "buckle up and stay safe", while also allowing pupils to do something different.


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