Parents on parking warning

Picking children up from school could soon become more expensive as parking wardens crack down.

From next week, New Plymouth District Council parking wardens will be patrolling the pavement outside school gates.

Parents are being warned through school newsletters that if they park in a zone for longer than the allowed two minutes they will be ticketed, even if they are in the car.

Liz Beck, council's Let's Go travel planner said parents who dropped their children to school often parked on double yellow lines, in areas of low visibility, or overstayed their time in a parking space.

"From next week parents can expect to be ticketed," she said.

"We have had some lingering issues with parents parking in hazardous places outside school gates. The main gates is the most hazardous place for students."

Central School principal Juliet Ormrod said the majority of parents were good when it came to parking, but some persisted in putting students at risk with their behaviour.

"Everyone is in a hurry to pick up their children," she said. "But while they're focused on collecting their child safely and efficiently, we are focused on the safety of all our students."

Beck said council's intention was to reinforce how important it was to keep every child's safety in mind and to encourage parents to park away from the school at a safe pick-up point.

"No tickets being issued at schools would be a success."

Taranaki Daily News