Smokers cry foul over proposed curbs

00:21, Jun 24 2014
Bruce Morgan and Jane Moodie
PUFFED UP: Bruce Morgan and Jane Moodie enjoy a cigarette in the smoking area at Crowded House yesterday.

Outlaw smoking in bars and restaurants and you'll lose patrons, smokers say.

Further smoking bans have been proposed by politicians and anti-smoking groups after research found that people sitting inside were exposed to almost the same amount of second-hand smoke as those who sat in the smoking area.

The Government outlawed smoking inside almost 10 years ago and want a smoke-free New Zealand by 2025.

"It's unfair; it's PC madness," Jane Moodie told the Taranaki Daily News yesterday.

"I can't see why we have to be dictated to. We never complained about being put outside and now they are saying that's not good enough," she said. Moodie said smokers would stop visiting restaurants and pubs if they were no longer allowed to smoke.

"Hell yes, I'll just smoke and drink and home. Doc [owner of Crowded House] will go broke," she said.


"I won't come somewhere I can't smoke."

Bruce Morgan said there were plenty of non-smokers who would join them in the outdoor area at night. "Smokers have the most fun, there are always non-smokers out here 'cause that's where the best jokes are.

"Where are we going to go? Do they want us out on the street?"

Moodie said smokers had already been kicked outside and accepted that without much complaint.

"But if you push us into an even smaller corner, we will push back," she said.

Morgan said the outdoor area system worked fine and smokers were good about keeping the doors shut and making sure that their smoke wasn't wafting inside the bars.

"These lobbyists need to find something more important to put their energy into," he said.

"You could go on and on but basically no-one should have the ability to dictate what we do," Moodie said.

Taranaki Daily News