A kids' sleepout to dream about

21:19, Jun 25 2014
 Finn van Bergen
SAFARI PARADISE: Finn van Bergen, 12, with The Dream Safari Sleep Out he designed with his team mates for the Powerco Technology Challenge.

Finn van Bergen's dream sleepout is a safari park with green fields and animal print chairs.

Finn, of Oakura School, along with his five team-mates put their heads together to design their dream sleepout as part of the 2014 Powerco Technology Challenge.

The technology challenge held at TSB Stadium yesterday saw about 44 teams from 16 schools around the region test their building skills by making bridges and tunnels out of paper, cellophane and matchsticks.

This was also the first year where students were asked to create the dream sleepout as a separate entry for the event.

Students were challenged to make a single-storey sleepout that came with a chillout area and electricity.

Finn was proud of his sleepout's electrical fittings and its pingpong table that flips into a dining table, which he said was "quite easy" to put together.


Finn, along with friends Maya Jackson, Melanie Bishop, Riley Day, Jimmy Ellis and Hamish Goodhue, spent three weeks working on their dream home.

Zac Aldam, also of Oakura School, was equally proud of his group's sleepout, The Beach Studio.

The studio comes equipped with a solar panel and a smartphone doubled up as a flat-screen TV with a little switch sitting next to the wall.

Zac said he was "very proud" of the way he had connected the electrical components together.

However, winner of the dream sleepout went Mangorei School.

Manukorihi Intermediate was the overall winner of the technology challenge, St Patrick's in Inglewood took second place, and Bell Block School third.

This is the first year Powerco had sponsored the technology event and spokesman Neil Holdom said it was a good opportunity to educate students to think about power and energy.

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