Stratford gets pass rate from residents

Stratford District Council has been given a pass mark by residents according to results from a recent survey.

The annual customer service satisfaction survey, which was sent out to all Stratford households in April, is a council requirement under its long term plan (LTP).

Respondents were asked to give the council a rating out of 10, as well as feedback on a range of topics, including the quality of the district's roads, the cleanliness of its public toilets and what people generally think about the town they live in.

Tabled by council chief executive Sue Davidson at the monitoring committee meeting, she told councillors she was pleased with the outcome. "The results are really good and slightly up on last year in most categories," she said.

Although respondents raised a few niggles about overhanging trees and bushes along footpaths and a desire for increased recycling services, average scores of five and above were given for services provided by the council across a broad range of categories.

The most valued asset, according to the results, is the town's library which was the only service to score an average of 8.47 out of 10, netting a similar result to 2013.

After-hours dog control was the area respondents were the most unsatisfied with, scoring an average of 5.63 on the scale.

Most of the feedback provided in this section related to the number of roaming dogs in the town on evenings and weekends.

In addition to its general services, the council also sought feedback from the public about the future of Stratford's holiday park as well as suggested additions to the LTP.

In relation to the holiday park, 91 per cent thought it added economic value to the area but some respondents also suggested it was in need of a makeover as it had become rundown.

Davidson said feedback from the public about Stratford's desirability as a town was also positive. More than 90 per cent said the district was an attractive and safe place.

"It's really reassuring that people think this is a good place to live," she said.

The survey cost council $2805 to complete and 372 people responded to it. Of those who completed the survey, 70 per cent were urban based and 30 per cent were rural.

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