Experience overcomes youth on futsal court

Futsal at the court under New Plymouth's Wind Wand was in full swing yesterday.

Following the cancellation of play on Wednesday due to bad weather, business house futsal got under way with a game between Shell Todd Oil Services and Worley Parsons New Zealand.

When asked if they had the talent to win, Shell Todd representatives Jonny Wilson and Paul Morris both gave a resounding no.

"Youth isn't on our side," Morris said.

There was a lack of confidence for Worley Parsons representative Mike Hopper as well.

"I saw it said ‘have you got speed and have you got skill' to which I answered no to both but still got invited along to play. I think we needed subs over substance," he said.

Both teams had been looking forward to the game and hoping for good weather.

"I sit and I can see the pitch from my desk and I've been watching it being built and I've been hoping it doesn't rain today," said Morris.

When 30 minutes was up, it was the experience of Worley Parsons which overcame the younger Shell Todd team seven to five.

Morris said he thought having the court till Sunday was great for generating interest in children.

"I think it's good for the kids. That's the main thing. We've got to get the kids excited about football. We've got to get the kids watching football and playing football," he said.

Regional sales and marketing manager for the Fifa Under-20 World Cup Theresa Cayley said they had a group from Norfolk primary school turn up on Wednesday in the rain.

Despite the weather, the children ended up spending an hour on the court and they absolutely loved it, said Cayley.

Taranaki Daily News