Greyhound 'picnic' turns into free-for-all

22:02, Jun 30 2014

An annual greyhound "picnic meet" at Hawera descended into a booze-soaked free-for-all that ended with one man stabbed in the lung with scissors.

In New Plymouth District Court Hunterville man Jeremy McLeod, 28, pleaded not guilty to wounding Jarrod Udy, 33, of Te Kauwhata with intent to cause grievous bodily harm on March 31.

McLeod's lawyer Julian Hannam says his client's actions at the Hawera Showgrounds over Easter were self-defence.

Crown prosecutor Andrew Britton said Udy suffered three stab wounds, in his elbow, shoulder and under his left arm. It was the latter which perforated his lung causing it to collapse.

Yesterday the victim's father, Ross Udy said he was a regular at the meet which was normally a "fun weekend".

He said he had poor recall of the night because of the amount of alcohol he drank and the length of time since the attack.


During cross-examination from Hannam, Ross Udy laughed when the lawyer said he had taken a gun to the meeting and had told someone to "piss off or I'll shoot you".

Ross Udy said he had never owned a gun. He recalled someone telling him that "a couple of the local women were complaining about Jeremy playing up".

"I said I'd kill him. "

He then went to ask McLeod's mother, April Blackburn, and her sons to either settle down or leave.

Someone asked him what weapon he would use to do the killing. Udy said he had pulled down the fly in his pants saying "that's all I need."

Shortly after, Blackburn kicked him in the groin, flooring him.

Another of Blackburn's sons, Matthew Voutier, had grabbed Udy and the pair were locked together fighting on the ground.

Ross Udy said he was a wrestler and had his attacker around the neck. "Matthew says ‘get him off me, I can't breathe'."

He could hear the women shouting abuse. "It wasn't all coming from the McLeod-Blackburn family, was it?" Hannam said.

"No, but they were causing the problem," Udy said.

Lyn Bliek described how everyone had been having a good time at the bar when Blackburn and her sons became abusive, telling everyone that they were inbred.

She heard Blackburn's sons racially abusing another dog owner, calling him a "token black" and threatening to do him over and release his dogs if he didn't leave.

She said Blackburn started fighting with some of the girls and Bliek went to help them.

Blackburn then attacked her, hitting her over the head. The others tried to pull her off. She ended up with lacerations, grazes, cuts and a deep bruise where she was "booting me in the back".

The trial continues today.

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