Raindrops on the roof are Judd's dread

17:00, Jun 30 2014
New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd
LOOKS LIKE RAIN: Mayor Andrew Judd, with a $36,000 upgrade to his office and foyer, is looking forward to a dry day at work with no water dripping through his ceiling.

The wallpaper is peeling, there's mould on the walls and on wet days the mayor has buckets dotted around his office to catch the drops.

At times, Andrew Judd feels embarrassed to meet dignitaries in his office in case they get dripped on or they spot the worn-out chairs.

"I had the ambassador from America sitting in the office and he commented on the leaky roof," he said.

"And then there's the mouldy wallpaper that's peeling.

"It wasn't a good look."

But there is light at the end of the drizzling tunnel for mayor Judd.


Yesterday, work began on a $16,000 project to renovate and repair the water damage in the office. Judd said it was about time something was done.

"It's just embarrassing because this is not just my office, it's the office that represents the community."

He said he was not intending to install leather couches or anything extravagant in his office, though.

"But clean and tidy would be the best start.

"For 24 years it hasn't been painted or cleaned and that's just ridiculous." Yesterday, work also began on a $20,000 project to beef up security in front of the offices of the mayor and his personal assistant.

A glass foyer with security access is being constructed and people will no longer be able to walk straight into the offices without being let into the lobby by a staff member.

Mayor Judd said the project was needed for safety.

"People have walked into my PA's office and yelled and screamed, it's not very safe for her," he said.

"I'm not saying I don't have an open-door policy, just not in the literal sense."

Andrew Barron, the council's manager of projects, said the $36,000 would come from an existing budget for renewals of the Civic Centre.

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