Motorists queue to beat fuel hike

23:25, Jun 30 2014

Taranaki gas stations buzzed with motorists flocking to fill up their tanks before a tax hike kicked in today.

Mick Julian, of New Plymouth, was among the motorists who braved yesterday's foul weather for a top-up at Caltex on Eliot St.

For their efforts, they saved about $1.50 on a full tank.

The price for 91 octane was $2.209 yesterday but motorists will be paying about $2.239 as of today.

Julian told the Taranaki Daily News that there was not a lot one could do about the tax increase.

"It's a Government thing," Julian said.


Jean Leatham, also of New Plymouth, was also filling up because of the tax hike but said she had "no animosity" towards the Government about the increase.

"We've got to pay for the roads and it's part of the deal," she said.

"It's going up, what can we do about it."

Caltex Eliot St's manager Tina Gardiner-Williams said the station had been busier than normal.

"It's dawning on some customers that it's going up again."

She also said customers were aware the tax hike was "going to happen" but they were still annoyed about it.

Stratford petrol stations also reported an increase in business . Vicky Sharpe, of Caltex Stratford, said she had been "very busy" and the rain did little to stop customers from filling up their cars.

Z Station manager Jeff Robinson said they were "a little bit more busy than average".

He said customers were not overly concerned as they were quite used to price hikes.

Hawera Caltex customer service attendant Kylie Marshall said yesterday was one of her busiest mornings. Customers had taken the news "pretty well".

Taranaki Daily News