Stabbing in self defence: accused

17:00, Jul 01 2014

Accused man Jeremy McLeod demonstrated how he stabbed his victim three times after a greyhound meet party at Hawera Showgrounds last year turned nasty.

In the New Plymouth District Court yesterday, under direction from trial judge Judge Allan Roberts, McLeod, 28, was handed the scissors he used to stab Jarrod Udy, 33, on the night of March 31 last year.

In the witness box, McLeod held the scissors in his fist, the blades pointing downwards and demonstrated stabbing motions for the judge.

McLeod has pleaded not guilty to wounding Udy with intent to cause him bodily harm, saying the stabbing was self defence.

The last blow pierced and collapsed Udy's lung. He was taken to hospital.

The stabbing occurred after a series of brawls at a 100-strong party at the showgrounds' bar which had followed the Easter greyhound picnic meet.


Giving evidence in his own defence, McLeod told his lawyer, Julian Hannam, how Jarrod Udy was last to arrive at the scene at the campsite where McLeod, his brother Matt Voutier and mother April Blackburn had been involved in a fight with Udy's father Ross Udy and others.

"[Jarrod Udy] went to try to punch me but he only grazed my cheek," McLeod said.

"I backed off towards the sheep fence. I had my back to the fence and was walking backwards and Jarrod was coming towards me."

McLeod said Udy was trying to grab him but he kept out of arm's reach. He realised he had scissors in his pocket.

McLeod said he used the scissors to defend himself, stabbing Udy twice before he got to the sheep fence.

"I was trying to get away. He said ‘I'm going to kill you. I'm going to f . . . you hard'."

McLeod said he stabbed Udy a third time after he got over the fence.

"If he got over the fence he would have got me."

Cross-examining, Crown prosecutor Andrew Britton showed McLeod the photo of Ross Udy's bloodied face. McLeod said his brother Matt Voutier probably caused the injuries.

Britton asked McLeod why his family had not left after Ross Udy asked them to.

McLeod replied that his family couldn't leave because they had all been drinking and had three greyhounds to care for.

Britton said McLeod had threatened to stab Ross Udy, a man more than twice his age, in the eyeballs knowing he had scissors on him.

He denied he was involved in fighting Ross Udy in the campsite along with his brother.

"I was backing off because he [Jarrod Udy] was twice my size and weight. In my eyes I was defending myself the whole way."

"You drew Jarrod out so you could stab him," Britton said.

"You knew you had the scissors on you. You wanted it to end on your terms except you stabbed Jarrod three times. Not once, but three times."

"Yeah, yeah," McLeod said.

"When you plunged the third one in, you were really hoping to hurt him."

"I was hoping he might feel that one," McLeod agreed.

The judge questioned McLeod, who said he wasn't involved in the dog racing, why he needed scissors. McLeod replied they were to open the dog biscuit packet.

The jury is expected to retire this morning after the judge completes his summing up.

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