One disc must fit all, whether big or small

03:48, Jul 02 2014
Terry Darby thinks Jasper's new tags are safer than the old ones.

Size doesn't matter - unless you are a chihuahua with the district's new dog tags.

The latest pet accessory to come out of the New Plymouth District Council seems to be favouring the larger furry friends and leaving toy dogs looking a little silly.

This year's new dog registration discs are twice the size of the old tags and look out of place on tiny terriers and pekingese pooches.

While great danes or even golden labradors have the frame to pull off the bigger disc, tiny dogs and puppies look as though they are rocking a medallion necklace.

With all dogs in the district due to be registered by July 1, these colourful additions to the canine collar will be popping up everywhere.

Despite the growls heard across town, the new discs have got the tick of approval from some.


Terry Darby, of Hearing Dogs New Zealand says the new discs do look a bit ridiculous on smaller dogs, but they were far safer.

Sitting on the floor cuddling Jasper the hearing dog puppy, Darby says he reckons dogs prefer the new discs too.

"Those long ones weren't so good. They folded around and there was a little sharp point on the end that used to dig in and hurt the dogs sometimes," he says.

"I like the new one. You like them too, aye Jasper?"

Darby has spent time thinking about council alternatives to the large green disc though.

"They could have a whole range of tags. You could get small ones for the little dogs and big ones for big dogs.

"Because on a big dog I'd imagine these new discs would look small."

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