Drunk driver had unbelted children in car

A repeat drink-driver who drove drunk with three unrestrained children in the car has been given 12 months' jail.

Moana Tui's decision to drive on the night of May 28 was one of gross irresponsibility, Judge Allan Roberts told her when she appeared in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday.

"You knew there were unrestrained children in the car. Regrettably, your life is plagued by poor decision-making."

The judge said he had dealt with two people in court in the last week who were responsible for drinking and driving causing death.

But for Tui, the message that she was compromising others was going over her head, the judge told her. She had no remorse.

Tui, who admitted drinking and driving and driving while suspended, had blown 634mcg at 1.40am on Vivian St. She was stopped because she was not driving within her lane.

Of the four children in the car, three were not belted in. There were also adults in the car.

Her lawyer, Patrick Mooney, asked that his client be given home detention.

The court heard that Tui had 76 prior convictions and had been jailed 20 times in the past. The latest offending was her 10th for drink-driving and 11th for disqualified or suspended driving.

The judge said Tui had a long-term dependency and was intoxicated when she turned up at her second drug and alcohol counselling meeting.

Tui was disqualified from driving for 12 months.

Taranaki Daily News