Young runaway gets $1000 nest egg

17:00, Jul 13 2014
Amber Cayley
PIGGY BANK: Amber Cayley’s savings got a boost last week when she won $1000 in the ASB Bank ‘‘GetWise’’ campaign.

When seven-year-old Amber Cayley tried to run away from home she left with a small backpack and $10.50 in her wallet.

Now, after sharing her story and thoughts on money in a short video, she has $1010.50.

Amber was one of four children to win a $1000 nest egg last week as part of the ASB Bank "GetWise" campaign.

In the video Amber's mother Theresa asks her how much money she had and what she was going to do with her money when she tried to run away from home by herself.

"$10.50 to buy food, clothes, water and lots of other things."

She was also asked how much she thought the weekly supermarket bill was.


"Ahh $1000, no $100 I would say," she replied.

And a house?

"$8099 maybe. I would probably just build a shelter with the bits I found because I've read a book and the boy builds a shelter."

It was these answers that won Amber the account with $1000, instantly increasing her savings 100 fold.

Even though Amber had won "lots" of competitions before, this was the best prize, she said.

"I was so amazed I did a jiggle on the spot and ran around screaming: ‘I'm rich' all over the place."

The money would be spent on a helmet for her brother and some lego for herself. With what was left over she planned to "give some to the family sponsor child" and save the rest.

Amber said her $10.50 was hard earned "cleaning the bathroom and dusting and polishing the photos."

But even with her new found fortune from the bank, Amber said she wasn't quite as rich as mum and dad.

"No they are a bit richer than me, but I'm getting close."

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