Warmer homes healthier

Taranaki homes are warmer and healthier thanks to a project that has been insulating homes.

Between 8500 and 9000 homes have been insulated as part of Healthy Homes Taranaki, Wise Better Homes general manager Anaru Marshall says.

The $20 million venture aimed to have retrofitted 10,000 homes by 2014. When the project, a comprehensive programme to provide healthy homes to all residents in Taranaki, was launched in 2007 it was unique to the region, but now there are similar models in Northland and Rotorua, he said.

"Once we have reached the 10,000 we will carry on because there are 42,000 homes in Taranaki built before 2000."

The programme Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes is targeted towards people with community services cards, Marshall said.

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) advises people to insulate their homes, senior technical advisor Christian Hoerning said. "A heater will do a much better job of warming an insulated, dry and draught-free house."

People can take simple low-cost DIY solutions steps to make their homes warmer, Hoerning said. "Check hinges and catches or latches on doors and windows. If they are loose, tighten them up. Weather stripping can be used to seal gaps around many doors or windows."

EECA also recommends people shop around for power.

Taranaki Daily News