Drivers with unpaid fines pay up to keep going

17:00, Jul 16 2014

More than 100 people have paid their fines in New Plymouth in the five months since a new law was introduced that could result in people being stopped from driving.

Under the law motorists with overdue traffic-related fines can be issued with driver licence stop orders (DLSOs) until they pay up.

Taking away people's ability to drive is proving to be a very effective enforcement tool for overdue fines, New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young said.

"Since driver licence stop orders were introduced in February, 103 people have paid their fines at New Plymouth District Court."

Nationally, 25,000 fine dodgers were ignoring reminder letters to pay their fines.

They owed more than $2000 each, for everything from driving an unsafe vehicle to drink-driving, or failing to stop after an accident, Young said.

"Of these 25,000 people, 10,500 have contacted the Ministry of Justice since February to pay their fine, or arrange a payment plan. Over four months, $4.6 million has come back to the taxpayer.

"This is money we wouldn't have previously collected."

It was money the Government can invest back into services, he said.


Taranaki Daily News