Aged placed on full alert for scams

17:00, Jul 17 2014

Marie Cresswell knows what it is like to be targeted by scammers.

The New Plymouth resident would receive up to four letters a day claiming she had won a lot of money and she once did the "silly thing" of replying, Cresswell said.

Her latest letter was from a Baroness de Rothman, from the Netherlands, but Cresswell first had to send a $60 processing fee.

She was among those at the New Plymouth Positive Ageing Trust and BNZ Scam Savvy seminar yesterday, learning tips on how to protect themselves from scammers.

An earlier session in Stratford saw 80 people hear BNZ security and fraud co-ordinator Bronwyn Groot, who was also at the New Plymouth seminar, talk about the various scams in the market.

Topics such as internet dating, charity phone calls and the latest, where victims' credit card details were photographed on a smartphone and later used for a shopping spree, were covered at the seminar.

The audience heard how a victim had lost $79,000 after falling prey to a letter scheme and another person received 169 chain mails in one day. Groot said rest home residents were the most vulnerable to scammers, which was a growing concern.


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