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22:11, Jul 19 2014

Jono all aglow

Don't believe the hype. The general election this year is going to be a close run thing. Sure National seems like it could win with its hands tied behind its back but not everyone in the party shares that confidence. And by that we mean New Plymouth MP Jonathan Young. Now we say this because Jono is recently looking pretty good. He's a bit slimmer than usual, a bit more smily and there is a distinct glow about him. A suspiciously distinct glow. Which leads us to ask, is Jonathan using a sun bed or a spray tan in a bid to get a healthy edge over Labour's more seasonally pasty Andrew Little?

Killer sign

In a matter that's different, but still related to politics, it was a surprise to us recently to find a "serial killer" section at a New Plymouth video store. It wasn't so much the actual section that caused us concern as video shops really do need to divide their movies into genres to give their customers a fighting chance. It was that the sign denoting the section was shoddily written on a piece of cardboard in a manner that made it appear hurried. Like someone had complained that serial killers deserved a section and their trench coat, dirty hair and mouth breathing led the video store employees to quickly remedy the situation lest they end up in a movie themselves.

World famous

It was with some pride that Unreported saw two Taranaki icons had made it to the AA magazine's 50 great finds. Tawhiti Museum and Te Rewa Rewa bridge are both institutions in the Tubble (Taranaki Bubble) and it is only right they are recognised at national, international and galactic level. What we're not so happy about is the spiel about Te Rewa Rewa failed to mention it won the Aesthetics Medium Award for best bridge between 30 metres and 75m at the 2011 Footbridge Awards in Poland. That's right. That's what we said. Poland! How could anyone forgetski?


The shame of it

Sticking with forgetting we end with New Plymouth Mayor Andrew Judd who assumed gumboots would be supplied for his visit to his council's Tasmanian dairy farms investment this week. Turns out they weren't so Judd had to do the tour in his sneakers, which to farmers is not too different from showing up to work in pink ballet shoes. We don't know what more we can really say about this apart from Oh, shame bro!

Tweet of the week

@ConstableBowyer: So have pepper grinders always been shaped like women or have I just discovered something ground breaking.

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