Friends sacrifice hair for good cause

01:37, Jul 22 2014
Joan Rogers
HELLO GOODBYE: Joan Rogers had her hair shaved off yesterday to raise money for the Leukaemia and Blood Cancer Foundation.

Sue Tilby bought herself a beanie right before getting her hair shaved off yesterday.

The New Plymouth woman and her best friend, Joan Rogers, said goodbye to their hair to raise money for cancer research.

"If it helps someone else it's worth it," Tilby said as the clippers hummed through her brown locks.

"It's our way to give back," she said.

Rogers said she and Tilby both had friends and family who had lost their lives to the disease and getting rid of their hair was a way of helping others out.

The duo, who are both 51 years old, have had intentions of shaving their hair for a while but it wasn't until recently the plan was put into action.


"I thought right I'm going to do this and Sue said ‘let's do it together'."

So yesterday the pair sat down at Tangles Hair Design and watched in the mirror as their hair fell to the floor.

"It's quite a good massage actually," Tilby said.

There was plenty of banter between the two, most of it about how short they should go.

Tilby's daughter, Jodi, was there in support and said she was impressed with her mother's effort. "It's awesome, I take my hat off to her," she said.

Supporting Rogers was her husband, Mark, who said he, too, was proud of the women who have raised almost $1500 for the Shave For A Cure cause.

"She doesn't look too bad, eh," he said with a wry smile.

Rogers said her morning beauty regime would be cut down a notch now there was no need to style her hair. "It used to take about 10 minutes."

The pair will now make raising money an annual event and given shaving their heads was Rogers' idea next year's challenge would be up to Tilby.

Though undecided about what they would do Tilby did warn Rogers she would "get her back".

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