Generous donor helps children into camp

00:31, Jul 25 2014
Ian Roebuck
HELPING HAND: Ian Roebuck is donating $5000 to help children with Tourette’s Syndrome attend Camp Twitch later this year.

Thanks to the generosity of New Plymouth man Ian Roebuck no one will be missing out on Camp Twitch - an event for children with Tourette's Syndrome.

Roebuck opened his wallet and donated $5000 after seeing the story of Analise Twemlow, a 10-year-old who suffers from the disorder, on Wednesday's episode of Seven Sharp.

The story revealed how the young girl, who also has ADHD and OCD, struggled with tics that saw her pulling the finger and swearing involuntarily.

"Well when you see kids like and you have children and grand children of your own it wakes you up a bit and that's what did it," Roebuck told the Taranaki Daily News yesterday.

"I don't know how anyone couldn't feel for that girl after watching it."

Tourette's - a neurological disorder - has hindered Analise's ability to make friends.


"Its heart breaking, as a mother I want her to have play dates," Robyn Twemlow said on the show.

Analise's loneliness prompted Robyn to organise a camp so she and other children with Tourette's could meet each other and develop friendships.

Bake sales, raffles, quiz nights and other fundraising attempts had made $16,000 but another $5000 was needed to get all the kids there, Robyn said.

Before the show had finished Roebuck, who runs a crane hire business, had rung up offering a cheque for the full amount.

"I looked at it and decided they needed a bit of help, if it gets all the kids to the camp it's worth it," he said.

"If there were kids who missed out it would be really unfortunate and I had some tin in the bank to do it."

Roebuck, who has three daughters and five grandchildren, said knowing his money would enable the group of children to make new friends was worth it.

"$5000 is $5000 but it can make a hell of a difference. It's worth it if it brings a smile to their faces."

Taranaki Daily News