Shivers, fun's gone from fundraising

00:31, Jul 25 2014
TDN ice challenge
TOUGH GUYS: Roy Pilott, left, waits his turn as Mayor Andrew Judd pours ice water on John "Horse" Mcleod.

Three New Plymouth identities yesterday braved icy waters and chilly winds to raise money for charity.

Mayor Andrew Judd, councillor John McLeod and Taranaki Daily News editor Roy Pilott yesterday underwent the "ice water challenge" campaign to raise money for cancer charities.

Those who accepted the challenge will donate $10 to a cancer organisation while those who shy away have to cough up $100.

McLeod told the Taranaki Daily News he was unfazed by the challenge as he was used to cold water.

"I went surfing this morning and it was quite cold," he said.

Both McLeod and Pilott were in their whitey tighties while Judd showed up in full-length track pants and T-shirt.


Judd said he was rugged up because he was fighting off a cold.

He gleefully doused both Pilott and McLeod with three buckets of cold water each but also made sure to tip some water out of his own pail.

When it was Judd's turn, the mayor had his eyes tightly shut, waiting to be drenched.

However, Judd had only two buckets of cold water to endure, the third mysteriously nowhere to be found. Judd said the water was "as cold as you can imagine".

Before the challenge, Judd told himself to "just relax and man-up" as it was for a good cause.

"I'm now going home for a nice, hot shower."

Pilott said the mayor had ensured he got a "far lighter dousing".

"Having seen the mayor spill the buckets, I don't want to hear him complain about leaks anymore."

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