Kiwi movie premiere also online

17:00, Jul 27 2014

A New Zealand film is holding its premiere at your place.

Anyone with a credit card and broadband internet can sit at home and watch Everything We Loved, at the same time it premieres at the New Zealand International Film Festival.

Written and directed by Kiwi Max Currie, Everything We Loved will be streamed live today at 8.15pm. Tickets are available from

Currie's brother, New Plymouth builder Hamish Currie, is going to Auckland for the premiere, which is a bit of a big deal, he said.

"There'll be the red carpet and celebrities, blah blah. We're not really posh people. Max is about as humble as you can get. He's like an artist following through on a passion. It's not about making money."

Hamish Currie was one of the first to see the film. Even his parents will have to wait until tonight.


"It's a good movie. It's not made to be a popular movie like Boy. It's a movie that asks some questions and delivers some possible outcomes. It's interesting."

The haunting movie tells the story of how a stage magician and his wife cope with the loss of their son.

Hamish Currie thought streaming the premiere on the internet was a "cool concept".

Max Currie said it was the first time a premiere had been live streamed.

"We are focusing hard on the regions outside Auckland and Wellington. No-one else is competing for regional viewers with arthouse films because they're riskier than the blockbusters to programme, but taken together, fans of these more highbrow cinema form a sizeable viewership."

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