Possums and pigs lose but school wins

17:00, Jul 27 2014
Olivia Kahui-Hill
SHERRIFF POSSUM: Olivia Kahui-Hill, 8, with her sheriff possum.

Olivia Kahui-Hill means business when it comes to dolling up her possums to the nines.

Her "sheriff" possum with its leather vest and boots, along with a tiny hat, moustache and a cigarette hanging out of its lips, earned it first place in the best dressed possum in the junior category at Uruti School's biennial pig hunt competition.

The school held its inaugural pig hunt competition in 2012 and around $7000 was raised.

Yesterday's event saw more than 100 people gathered at the school to show off their hunting efforts and take part in obstacle challenges involving a 20 kilogram pig on entrants' backs.

For the children, it was chance to display their creatively-dressed possums.

The pig hunt started on Thursday, allowing hunters three days to track down the heaviest pig.


Olivia said the win was her second and she was both "happy and really excited" to be named winner.

It took her less than 30 minutes to dress her possum up and its sheriff-inspired outfit came from her love for horses and Western films.

"Last time, my possum was an angel," she said.

Uruti School principal Pauline Sutton said fundraising could be a challenge for the school with its small roll.

"We've about 10 families, so find it hard to fundraise," Sutton said.

So the biennial pig hunt was a good way to raise money for the school and engage with the wider community.

It would take "a lot of sausage sizzles" if the school were to raise the $7000 it did two years ago.

Over 100 entries were received at this year's competition.

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