Wife seeks Taranaki gown for Emmys

GUMBOOTS TO GOWNS: From Red Band gumboots to the red carpet, New Plymouth woman Mandy Cordobes is as happy in gumboots as she is in a gown.
GUMBOOTS TO GOWNS: From Red Band gumboots to the red carpet, New Plymouth woman Mandy Cordobes is as happy in gumboots as she is in a gown.

New Plymouth mother of three Mandy Cordobes will be swapping her Red Bands for the red carpet when she attends the Emmy awards in Los Angeles next month.

Now she is on the hunt for a Taranaki designer gown - maybe two - to wear when she accompanies her Emmy-nominated husband Richie Cordobes to the exclusive event.

"Once it all sunk in I thought I had better get a dress, and then I thought what a wonderful opportunity to highlight Taranaki on the world stage," Mandy said.

Mandy said even though she doesn't look Maori she is and would love something with a distinctive Maori influence that is sleek and sophisticated.

"I'd be proud to showcase our uniqueness and individuality."

With looks you'd find on a catwalk, she modestly hopes she will "scrub up OK," and said she is happy to be the clothes horse while walking the red carpet with Richie.

The couple moved from Los Angeles to New Plymouth at the end of last year but Richie was overseas working when he heard the good news.

His career in special effects spans more than 20 years and he was thrilled to hear he had been nominated in the Outstanding Special and Visual Effects in a Supporting Role category for the television series, Mob City, episode A Guy Walks into a Bar.

"I feel like it's a great honour because for me it is the highest accolade you can get in American primetime television," Richie said.

He is also no stranger to the American movie industry and has helped produce special effects for countless box office hits, including Mr & Mrs Smith, Bourne Ultimatum, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, and Deja Vu.

"Basically, he makes it rain on set or blows things up for a living," said Mandy.

Richie's work has him rubbing shoulders with celebrities on a daily basis, but Mandy stays in the background, content to be a hands-on mum.

"I prefer to drop back while Rich does his thing. I've never been star struck - it's just not me. The only time I've come close is when I met Brad Pitt, and, if anything, I was only struck by his niceness.

"I've only ever seen Angelina from afar, but Rich assures me she's lovely," she said.

Richie is also known for his work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and he has travelled extensively throughout New Zealand. It was on one of his excursions that the born-and-bred American met his easy-going Kiwi wife.

The Cordobes family fly to Los Angeles on August 14, which is two days before the ceremony.

Mandy has created a special email account emmydesigntaranaki@gmail.com so any local designer who thinks they may have the right gown can contact her as soon as possible.

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