Upgrade closes only gas station

Z Inglewood is closing for four months to renovate its buildings, leaving the town's residents without a petrol station.

The $3 million development will start on August 8 and is expected to finish at the end of the year.

Inglewood mother Natisha Hoogeboom said she has a young family and only has a minimum amount to spend on petrol.

"I just go into New Plymouth once a week for groceries."

Z should leave some of its pumps open while it revamps the building, which is what happened when Z Stratford was upgraded, she said. "It is kind of annoying they could do it in Stratford, but can't do it here. I think it's a bit rude."

Z general manager retail Mark Forsyth said the building at Stratford was renovated, but not the tanks, so they could keep selling petrol.

Z Inglewood will be rebuilt from the ground up.

"It will have four lanes, doubling the current two, stretchy hoses that mean you can fill from either side, optional pay-at-pump, a high-flow diesel pump with easy access, and diesel on every lane. It will also have a bigger and better convenience store."

Inglewood customers will be given pamphlets containing four stamps, which will get them a discount at Z stations.

The new Z Inglewood will feature LED lighting and recycling bins on the forecourt.

"It's an exciting redevelopment - we reckon the people of Inglewood are going to love the extra speed and convenience."

The station will also have the latest technology high-definition, multi-camera CCTV system.

Taranaki Daily News