Brass band building 'unsafe'

17:00, Jul 29 2014

The future of Hawera's Brass Band is on a knife edge after a seismic report found significant deficiencies in its building.

An investigation, commissioned by the band, found the building had a seismic capacity of just 3 per cent of the new building standard (NBS).

All public buildings need to be at least 34 per cent of the NBS.

Band chairwoman Christine Cameron said the report was a hard pill to swallow as the club's future was now in doubt.

Cameron said the "beams were so full of borer" the engineer "wouldn't even touch one", and members of the public had seen the walls flex in a strong wind.

"With those two recent earth quakes the cracks on the exterior have also opened up," she said.


"We work so hard to do concerts and raise enough money so we can pay our rates, gas bills and musical director, and then this goes and happens."

Cameron said despite what was ahead of them they would not go quietly into the night.

She said their only choice was to knock the building down as soon as possible, but that left them without a place to rehearse or store equipment.

"We have to leave the building for the safety of ourselves and public liability," she said.

"Unless someone hands us a cheque for $250,000 I don't know what the long-term prospect will be. Obviously we are going to have to fundraise and work hard to secure some solid foundations again."

Cameron said there was a flicker of light at the end of the band's tunnel as they were going through the process of securing a new musical director. If it wasn't for that negotiation process, all would be lost, she said.

Taranaki Daily News