Puppy love's the name of the game

23:52, Jul 30 2014
Cathy and Russell Klenner with Tessa and five of her puppies,
CANINE FAMILY: Cathy and Russell Klenner with Tessa and five of her puppies, which have been named after sporting stars and members of the New Zealand Commonwealth Games team. From left they are Leroy, Lydia, Tommy, Valerie and Dylan.

An old, heavily pregnant dog was left in the pound drop-off box just days out from giving birth.

The dog, now named Tessa, was quickly seen by vets, then given to the SPCA to look after.

Russell and Cathy Klenner, who have fostered animals for the SPCA before, took Tessa home. The family didn't have to wait long before Tessa, who is about 9 years old, gave birth to eight puppies.

"Having Tessa give birth to her pups and looking after them is a first for us," Cathy Klenner said.

The Klenners, who already own a dog, Zena, have named some of the puppies after New Zealand sports stars.

"That big grey one, she's called Valerie, after Valerie Adams," Russell Klenner said, "and that brown one, she's Lydia, after Lydia Ko."

Cathy Klenner said Tessa was a good-natured dog and it was hoped she would find a home after she'd raised her pups. "She is gentle and quiet, with excellent manners." It will be five weeks before the pups are ready for adoption, but anyone interested in giving Tessa or one of her puppies a home should contact the North Taranaki SPCA.


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