Shout-out to vanished voters

17:00, Aug 05 2014

Hundreds of Taranaki voters are missing from the electoral roll just weeks out from the general election.

Nearly 1000 New Plymouth and Taranaki King Country voters need to get back on the roll after their enrolment packs bounced back marked "return to sender, address unknown".

Across the country more than 43,000 enrolled voters moved house without updating their enrolment details, leaving election offices piling up with letters.

Sandra Wood, the district's registrar of electors, said 96.29 per cent of eligible voters in New Plymouth and 92.11 per cent of eligible voters in Taranaki King Country had already enrolled to vote in the September 20 election.

But between the two areas, 960 people were not enrolled purely because they had shifted and did not let the Electoral Commission know. "You can't exercise your right to vote if you are not enrolled," she said.

"There are a lot of issues out there that affect people, like minimum wage and funding for training."


Voters have until the day before the election to register, or re-register to vote, she said.

Murray Wicks, the Electoral Commission's national manager of enrolment services said now was the time for voters to check they were enrolled.

The commission mailed enrolment update packs to everyone on the electoral roll at the end of June asking them to check their enrolment details.

"If you didn't get an enrolment update pack, we don't have your correct enrolment details. You need to enrol now so you can have your say," Mr Wicks said.

People can check their enrolment online at, or by calling 0800 36 76 56.

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