Colourful new police cars on patrol

22:47, Aug 05 2014
cop cars
Central Districts police received two of their four new patrol cars yesterday.

Taranaki drivers may see red in more ways than one the next time they are pulled over by the police.

Yesterday, Central Districts police received two patrol cars sporting new colours - one red and the other orange.

They are the first of four that will join the rest of the regular marked highway vehicles patrolling the roads throughout the centre of the North Island.

"This week you might see a red one in, then next week you might see an orange one, or you could see all four of them patrolling in Taranaki," Senior Sergeant Kris Burbery said.

It's hoped the other two will be on the road in a week or two, he said.

Burbery said the coloured vehicles provide a powerful visual reminder of the police presence on our roads and in our communities. "It's hoped when people see these cars it will start a conversation. We really want to enforce the message that road safety is everyone's responsibility."


The cars are fitted with everything regular highway patrol cars have and will be enforcing the same rules.

"They will be out there doing exactly the same things the others are," Burbery said.

"Highway Patrol staff operate across the entire Central District and strictly enforce the speed limits and road user responsibilities. The new cars also make the point that any vehicle of this colour may be a police vehicle - in keeping with our philosophy that you could be stopped anywhere, anytime."

The new vehicles will be deployed throughout the central districts and motorists driving on Taranaki roads can expect to see them on a regular basis, he said.

"They are different, they stand out, and hopefully they will get the road safety profile out there. This is a good way to reinforce the message."

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