Witt chiefs plan India trip to strengthen ties

17:00, Aug 08 2014

Witt's top brass are planning a trip to India next month to further grow the institute's presence there.

Chief executive Barbara George, and department managers Andrew Brownlee, Carol Allen and Glen West are making the trip to visit one of the polytech's key sources of foreign students.

Witt first sent representatives to India in 2006, and up to three visits are now made each year to maintain relationships.

The upcoming 10-day trip is expected to cost about $20,000 and will be funded from the institute's international budget.

Student services and marketing executive director Danny Hall said international students were an "important added revenue" for universities and polytechnics.

"Our focus is to continue the momentum of growth in international fee paying students and build on the long term initiatives we have had in recovering our international market."


There are 82 Indian international-fee paying students enrolled at Witt and tuition fees for foreign students are around $17,000 a year.

Witt is also looking to offer new "programmes of interest" to Indian students, including new graduate diplomas, next year.

But Witt is not yet able to announce the programme details, Hall said.

When in India, the contingency will visit trade fairs, agents and and also "target a small number" of training institutes in Mumbai and New Delhi to "discuss programmes on offer, collaborations and Taranaki as a destination".

"Our experience with international markets is that there is a long sell cycle. For example, the results we are seeing now are in response to the efforts we have put into our international markets for the past six years."

Taranaki Daily News