Standing room only at book sale

17:00, Aug 08 2014
book sale, child
HANDS FULL: Cameron McKenzie, 3, was overwhelmed with all the nifty childrens’ books up for grabs at the 24 Hour Book Sale at the TSB Showplace yesterday. The Inglewood lad took a collection of new bedtime stories home with him.

Hundreds of bargain hunters stampeded into a booklovers' haven, and yet barely a word was spoken during the rush yesterday.

The quick step of high-heeled shoes and the hurried scuffle of sneakers were the only sounds as eager buyers dashed into the final 24 Hour Book Sale in New Plymouth.

As a book lover who has more copies of the Complete Works of Shakespeare than she cares to admit, this reporter decided to join the hustle and bustle of the first hour of the much-loved event.

And it was like stepping into organised chaos.

Within minutes the theatre was flooded with people flicking through vinyl records and stuffing books into bags that were bigger than the children huddled around the picture stories.

"Where's the CDs? Do you have Queen ones," a chipper middle-aged man asked a volunteer.


When he got to the CDs he wasn't the only one with music on his mind. People were standing elbow-to-elbow, cushioned only by rain jackets.

‘The Taranaki Daily News found 3 -year- old Cameron McKenzie sorting through rows of kids books.

"I have a helicopter book, it's for bedtime," he said.

"And a Peppa one. She's a piggy."

Friends of the Opera House 24 Hour Book Sale continues today from 10am to 10pm at the TSB Showplace.

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