Homeowners lax on security - survey

17:00, Aug 10 2014

A national security study has given substance to what Taranaki police have been saying for years - homeowners are making it easy for burglars by not locking up.

The inaugural secure homes report surveyed more than 1000 New Zealanders, and found that 20 per cent left home without bolting doors and windows.

Of those surveyed, 18 per cent went to bed without securing their home and 26 per cent left a spare key outside.

The report, carried out by ADT security, also revealed a third had been burgled, 17 per cent while they were home and 11 per cent on more than one occasion.

"The research results indicate that New Zealanders are making it easy for burglars," ADT Security spokesman Ben Clements said.

The results of the survey were of no surprise to Sergeant Bruce Irvine, of New Plymouth.

"We agree, the key to keeping yourself safe is to lock doors and windows. If you lock your home you stand a far better chance of not being burgled."

In June there was an increase in burglaries in Taranaki but the spate had since subsided, Irvine said.

"But we don't want people to get complacent. We can never relax."


Taranaki Daily News