Mokau baches on the edge

20:12, Aug 13 2014

Emergency rockwall additions credited with saving two Mokau baches from heavy seas over the weekend may now be starting to give.

A resident, who asked not to be named, said the section of one of the baches had started slumping after heavy seas on Monday night and Point Rd had been undermined to beneath the tarseal at the road end.

It may also have got worse last night. A messy two-metre swell combined with a 3.9m high tide due yesterday evening was expected to have the sea crashing into and over the rock walls.

The emergency additions of rocks to the existing walls were made last week in anticipation of this week's exceptionally high tides.

Over the weekend the extra rocks appeared to be the difference between the baches surviving the weekend seas or being dangerously undermined.


Taranaki Daily News