Bid for bachelor bagged a babe

23:48, Aug 14 2014
Paula Coutts
HAPPY ENDING: Paula Coutts, pictured with son Baxter, 3, married the date she won at a man auction.

Paula Coutts has some encouragement for women looking to bid on a selection of eligible bachelors at an auction in New Plymouth tonight.

It was at the charity auction where Coutts met her future husband, Adrian.

The New Plymouth woman had attended the event as a work function and said finding a mate was the last thing on her mind.

"No way. I was going for work. I was definitely not going to find a man," she said.

But that was nine years ago.

The pair tied the knot on April 14, 2007 and have two children, Baxter, 3, and 6-month-old Audrey.


Adrian came into the picture when it transpired the date Coutts had bid $200 for already had a girlfriend and was disqualified.

But the organiser was unaware of it at that time.

"The night went on and I was on the dance floor, and all of a sudden this person was standing there in front of me, and that was Adrian, and just staring at me," Coutts said.

"I stopped and I went ‘oh who's that, he's quite cute', and all of a sudden he leaned forward and pecked me on the cheek."

When Coutts' date night with her "original man" rolled around, she was told there was another man who "fancied her" and would be happy to step in.

"I was like ‘sure, is it that guy,' and described him, and I said ‘OK, I'll go on a date with him'."

The couple moved to Melbourne three months after their first date.

"We got engaged eight months after we met and got married a year later," Coutts said.

Coutts ran a hair salon in Melbourne for eight years before returning to Taranaki last year to raise her young family.

The Man Auction, organised by Club 55 and Katwalk Fashion House, is on today at Club 55 with eight bachelors to bid on. Tickets $20 at Katwalk, doors open 7pm. All proceeds to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

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