Stunning mountain view for all

17:00, Aug 17 2014
Taranaki Alpine Club
SNOW WHITE: Taranaki Alpine Club members had a weekend of beautiful weather atop of the mountain for their winter alpine instruction programme.

Taranaki's weather was so beautiful over the weekend that people climbing the mountain had a clear view of both Hamilton and Palmerston North.

"The conditions up there were perfect, it was absolutely gorgeous," Taranaki Alpine Club president Matthew Penn said.

"There was even a bit of sunburn. The snow is a very good reflector."

Eight alpine instructors and 16 students were on the mountain for the weekend, as a part of the winter alpine instruction programme.

Staying in the Tahurangi Lodge at 1520 metres, the level one students learnt about navigation, weather awareness and how to use ice axes and crampons.

The second group of students were more advanced and learnt about abseiling, and knot, hitch and bend skills for ropes and alpine anchors.


The club has been offering training courses since it formed in the 1930s and Penn said mountain safety was imperative.

Because the mountain was so accessible a lot of untrained people often set about climbing it.

"We want to keep people out of the environments where they have to ring 111 and get people to rescue them," he said. "It makes sense for us to share out vast amounts of experience with people who are still learning."

Often people who started out in the entry level courses advanced through the club and became a part of the region's search and rescue team.

"But first they have to learn how to keep themselves safe," Penn said.

"And we had beautiful conditions to teach mountaineering this weekend. It was just stunning."

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