DOC defends leaving track timber in park

17:00, Aug 19 2014

Along some tracks on Mt Taranaki it's difficult to see trees for all the wood.

Mountain guide Ian McAlpine is sick of seeing planks of wood left over from building tracks lying around Egmont National Park.

He estimates there are about 40 planks in a 1km stretch on the Mangorei Track alone.

"I am not talking about the timber on the tracks which are requiring upgrade maintenance.

"I'm talking about the timber on tracks left over on tracks which have been upgraded and finished."

There are also carrier bags and nails and other bits and pieces, he said.


The wood isn't dangerous, but it is a nuisance, he said.

"They tell park users to remove all the rubbish and yet they can just leave timber there. Because no-one has raised the question, no-one has done anything about it."

However, Department of Conservation conservation services manager Gareth Hopkins said the timber was not going to waste.

"It will be used for maintenance work as and when it's needed."

Instead of taking the wood in and out in a helicopter, which was expensive, it was just left there, he said.

It's treated wood so can last there for 10 years or so, Hopkins said.

"It's piled up and can be used when it's needed. And it can be relocated to other priority jobs."

Taranaki Daily News