Magogs OK to sell liquor at meeting

17:00, Aug 20 2014

Russell Gilmer of New Plymouth's Magog Motorcycle Club has been given approval to sell liquor at the clubrooms this Saturday.

Despite police opposing the move, the New Plymouth District Licensing Committee yesterday approved the special liquor licence for a four-hour clubroom meeting on Saturday from 1-5pm.

Gilmer said he was pleased with what he called a "common sense decision". "I think the decision follows the letter of the law."

He said there would "definitely not" be any problems at the event as a result of alcohol being served.

The committee's commissioner, Alex Matheson, a former police officer, said the committee considered the evidence from Gilmer and the police.

While recognising the concerns of the police, the committee was of the view that as Gilmer's application for renewal of his manager's certificate had yet to be heard by the authority, his present certificate qualified him to manage the event.


"Neither did we allow the serious criminal matters that have yet to be determined against Mr Gilmer to cloud our judgment on our decision," Matheson said.

The hearing earlier this week was told by police that Gilmer was not a suitable manager. Sergeant Cheryl McGrath said Gilmer lacked the prerequisite knowledge and was also facing a charge of obstructing the course of justice.

The police submissions were rejected by the committee.

"While the police did not oppose the actual event, but rather the management qualifications of Mr Gilmer, it was our collective view that Mr Gilmer's previous experience and apparent good conduct at these events did not give us cause for concern," Matheson said.

Taranaki Daily News