NP cultural diversity on Sunday TV

23:49, Aug 21 2014
Charlie Laudic and Renate Verbrugge
SCULPTURED CROISSANTS: Charlie Laudic, left and Renate Verbrugge will star in the the TV programme Neighbourhood this Sunday morning.

Renate Verbrugge and Charlie Laudic are somewhat nervously looking forward to seeing, if not hearing, themselves on TV.

Both feature on Neighbourhood, which will screen on TV One on Sunday at 11am.

The programme explores and celebrates New Zealand's cultural diversity and this week focuses on people in New Plymouth.

Verbrugge arrived from Belgium 19 years ago and Frenchman Laudic got his New Zealand residency this week.

Both were a bit nervous - and didn't like the way they sounded on camera - but have told all their friends to watch the programme and hope to be able to show it to family in Europe.

Though, Verbrugge jokes, they might wait and see what it's like first.


Laudic, a baker, said he invited the TV crew to join him at 3am when he started his day, but they were "not keen".

"I did a special batch for them."

They wanted him to make something simple and traditionally French, so Laudic made his specialty - croissants.

He showed them the process, but said it wasn't revealing secrets - making good croissants was all about practice.

The show features aspects of culture including food and creativity.

Verbrugge talked to the TV crew about her work as a sculptor.

"So they came out to my studio and watched me work," she said.

"They were really professional but quite laid-back, so you felt at ease after a while and forgot there was a camera."

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