Sparky spreads power safety message

A cartoon character has come to life in front of primary pupils around Taranaki.

Sparky, the power safety super hero, visited several schools showing children how to be safe around electricity networks.

When the Taranaki Daily News caught up with Sparky he was at Omata School, where there was some debate about whether he was real or not.

After watching a video in which Sparky kicks a ball into a power substation, flies his kite into powerlines and spies an open transformer box, the real life version acted out the same scenarios in front of the children.

Sparky's helpers asked the children what he should do in each situation to which they would scream "tell an adult to call Powerco".

Chase Astwood said he had flown a kite into powerlines when he was little but couldn't remember what he did to get it back. Next time, Chase will take Sparky's advice and "go to a park" to fly his kite.

There were high-fives all round as Sparky left.

Taranaki Daily News