Court told of life of drugs and burglaries

23:35, Aug 26 2014

A Waitara man has told a jury of his life of heavy drug use and burglaries with his best mate.

The friend was Adam Morehu - shot dead by police last year during a burglary.

The evidence came in the New Plymouth District Court yesterday as Dwayne Ingram testified against Samuel Paul Mosen, 26.

Mosen denies helping Morehu in the burglary of a New Plymouth tyre shop in April last year, two months before the fatal shooting.

Ingram said Mosen suggested the burglary of Mag and Tyre Direct and gave him and Morehu a security code to gain entry. Mosen had worked for the tyre shop.

When the burglary was discussed the three were sharing a bong (smoking cannabis) in Morehu's shed at his home on King St, Waitara, Ingram said.


Morehu was shot dead on June 8 last year when he fired at police while trying to escape after the burglary of New Plymouth Golf Club.

Ingram, who walked into the witness box on crutches with a bandaged foot, said he had been best mates with Morehu for 15 years after first getting to know him at periodic detention. They had common interests in fixing cars, taking drugs and stealing.

He met Mosen at Morehu's home last year and together they planned the burglary. "[Mosen] gave us the code, I went and had a look at it and Adam did it."

Mosen wrote the code on the table, Ingram said.

Ingram said he had "sussed [Mag and Tyre] out", telling Morehu of the padlock and where the alarm pad was.

On the night of the burglary, Ingram said he sat in his car up the road while Morehu broke in. Afterwards he saw Morehu ride past him on his motorbike.

The jury was told on the first day that the hard drive with the CCTV footage, $700 in cash and Mosen's employment contract were stolen. Ingram said he was given $100 for his role.

To Crown prosecutor Andrew Britton, Ingram said he chose to co-operate with police as a result of Morehu's death. He did not want to end up like his mate and decided to change his ways.

In cross-examination by defence counsel Russell Wilson, Ingram agreed he was involved in the Westbar burglary with Morehu two days before Morehu's death and jailed for both that and the Mag and Tyre burglary.

He agreed he had eight months taken off his sentence for his co-operation with police, including naming Mosen.

The trial continues today.

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