Tikorangi speed limit: new round of talks starts

Round two of the battle over Tikorangi's speed limit is about to begin.

All Tikorangi residents have been promised the chance to have their say on the controversial speed limit change, Max Aves, New Plymouth District Council's manager of roading assets has said.

Over the next three weeks the council will be consulting with Tikorangi residents, the police, the AA, and the NZ Transport Association about the proposed speed limit change on Otaraoa Rd from 100kms to 80kmh.

Roading officers would then write another report, and the issue would again be debated by councillors at the next regulatory committee meeting, Aves said.

Despite councillors unanimously voting to push ahead with the creation of an 80kmh speed limit, Aves said the process and consultation still had to be done correctly.

Last week three men who own property or farms on Otaraoa Rd in Tikorangi spoke out against the councillor's decision.

Farm owner Simon Payne said despite a small group of people fighting for a lower speed limit, not all Tikorangi land owners or residents wanted the limit lowered.

Payne said there was already a policy for trucks to only travel at a maximum of 80kmh along Otaraoa Rd and they had a GPS system installed for it to be monitored.

The call for the speed limit to be lowered came earlier this year from a group of concerned Tikorangi residents who had been campaigning for the council to lower the speed limit and acknowledge the effect the petrochemical industry has had on the area.

Otaraoa Rd resident Abbie Jury, supported by about 30 Tikorangi residents, told the council earlier this month that speeding trucks, unnecessary road works, and unsafe truck loads were among just a few of the issues.

Aves said it was not uncommon for people to disagree about speed limits.

"That's why we must go through a formal part of the process."

Taranaki Daily News