Lambs are park attraction

17:00, Sep 04 2014
Hudsy Simons
HONGI FOR HUDSY: Hudsy Simons and four-day-old lamb Nice are best of friends and have been hanging out together at Stoney Oaks Wildlife Park.

Spring's new arrivals have been popping up, and they are known around the Stoney Oaks Wildlife Park as Sugar and Spice and (all things) Nice.

On Monday, Sugar, a romney ewe from the wildlife park, welcomed a set of twin lambs into the world.

Spice and Nice are the second set of twins for Sugar, said Gail Simons from the wildlife park.

The romney-damara cross lambs have taken a shine to Simons' 23-month-old granddaughter Hudsy.

"Hudsy is over here three or four times a week and she goes straight to the cupboard and gets the food and goes out to see the animals," Simons said. "She just loves them."

Five-day-old Nice, who often plays among the daffodils, is not the only spring addition to the Stoney Oaks family. There are also four litters of baby bunnies.

"And our black ewe Treacle is due any day," Simons said. "We are very excited to find out what she's having - it's looking like spring."

The wildlife park will be open on Sunday for Fathers' Day, and each father who mentions the word "McGillie" at the counter will get a free copy of Simons' latest book: a biography of Taranaki rugby mascot McGillie the Highland bull.


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