Second skin, secret life

NIGHT NINJAS: Two Taranaki rugby fans model their morphsuits, in anticipation of the Rugby World Cup.
CAMERON BURNELL/The Taranaki Daily News
NIGHT NINJAS: Two Taranaki rugby fans model their morphsuits, in anticipation of the Rugby World Cup.

Colourful, lycra-clad morphsuiters have been appearing at sporting venues around Taranaki and are expected to take the Rugby World Cup by storm.

Rugby New Zealand spokesperson Mike Jaspers said he would consider getting one of the body suits himself.

"From our point of view anything that adds to the festive atmosphere at the rugby world cup is fantastic," he said.

One rugby fan said she thrives on the anonymity and power her suit gives her.

"I feel like I can be a ninja and do anything in my lycra cocoon,"she said. "I've worn it out in the streets and down to the shops and almost caused a few car crashes along the way. Little kids seem to find them a bit scary though."

Josh Gaskin is the founder of Jaskins, one of the main online morphsuit brands. He said since the company started two months ago the response has been great, with about 40 per cent of sales coming from New Zealand.

"I have one in every colour and try to wear one out every weekend. The opposite sex seem to be strangely attracted to you when you wear them," he said.

"We don't think banks and airports would love them as much as most people though."

Mr Gaskin said the origins of the suits are unclear, although some people think they were inspired by the "green man" from the American sitcom It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Draftsman Mathew Philip, 20, bought his white morphsuit a month ago and said there are endless options for fun.

"My little brother took his down to the snow but he's a muppet.

"I'd like to wear one as a tuxedo and pose as a mannequin in a store. I feel like I can be whoever I want to be and nobody will know.

"Most people think they're amusing, I've had a few haters but I think that's just because they're jealous."

But Mr Philip had a word of caution for anyone wishing to buy morphsuit. "I wear white shorts over mine. They can be quite revealing," he said.

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