C'mon guys, Jo wants to meet you

PICK ME: Taranaki Daily News reporter Jo Moir is on a quest to find eligible bachelors.
PICK ME: Taranaki Daily News reporter Jo Moir is on a quest to find eligible bachelors.

Calling all bachelors – make a date with the Taranaki Daily News.

Fancy-free 26-year-old reporter Jo Moir wants to hear from you.

The idea is simple. Send Jo your details (name, age, job, where you're from), a photo and an idea for a date.

There's no limit, within reason, to what that date could be and and if your idea cuts the mustard with Jo you'll find yourself part of Taranaki on a Date.

The rules are few. You have to be ready to see your picture and basic details on the Taranaki Daily News website.

There will be a painless pre-date interview about your hopes and expectations for the date and after it's all over Jo will write about it. Don't worry – she's honest and kind-hearted.

The point of Taranaki on a Date is to not only show off our top blokes but showcase our beautiful province while tackling the big issues of our dating culture and the do's and don'ts of showing a girl a good time.

"I want guys to get inventive and come up with something really unique, fun and easy to do without it costing a whole heap of cash," Jo said.

"I'm doing this because I grew up in Taranaki and I know how much this place has to offer."

The Daily News website is the perfect platform for the public to get on board with this, interact, comment and even provide tales of their own dating experiences

So take a leap and get creative. There are no winners or losers, prizes or rewards. This is dating plain and simple.

Check out Jo's profile video at www.taranakidailynews.co.nz to learn more about her and what she is looking for in Taranaki on a Date.

Email your details and date idea to jo.moir@dailynews.co.nz

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