Pit bull stolen from pound

A 27-year-old South Taranaki man has been charged with burglary after breaking into a Hawera pound to get his pit bull pup back.

On Monday the man and an accomplice used bolt cutters to cut through the pound roof to get the 4-month-old puppy out.

South Taranaki District Council communications manager Gerard Langford said it would cost about $400 to repair the damage at the pound.

One of the men involved in the burglary was identified by police, arrested, released on bail and will face burglary charges in the Hawera District Court on March 19.

The pit bull was impounded after it was found loose on March 6, neither registered nor micro chipped.

On Wednesday Judge Allan Roberts hit out at Pit Bull owners saying the breed was "unpredictable and volatile" after a woman's dog ripped a dog ranger's lip off in an unprovoked attack.

But the American Pit Bull Terrier Association slammed the comments yesterday, saying the statements were unfounded and made pit bulls more attractive to bad owners.

Taranaki Daily News