Top chef is reaching for the stars

Lofty Goals: MasterChef Jax Hamilton aspires to write screenplays.
Lofty Goals: MasterChef Jax Hamilton aspires to write screenplays.

She maybe one of New Zealand's latest culinary stars but Jax Hamilton says her ultimate dream is to win an Oscar.

"I really want to win an Oscar. When I was in the MasterChef house I started writing a screenplay," Hamilton told the Midweek when in town for Womad recently.

"I built up the synopsis and characters of a reality TV show based behind the scenes.

"I have all this amazing information from being on a show, so that's what I'd like to do," she said.

Hamilton, who has just released her first cookbook, Jax Cooks, has spent the last 12 months building up her own brand and business, Jax Hamilton Ltd, and she couldn't be prouder.

"Three years ago I was on a benefit, my marriage had finished and I became a single parent.

"My friends all told me I was washed up and that my life was over.

"Now I'm an accomplished chef, director of my own business and I am world famous in New Zealand, at the age of 46," she said.

The Christchurch woman, who was born in Jamaica but spent many years living in England, said she hoped she was a positive example to others.

"My son said to me that `I am so proud you can find your passion at any age', and that is my legacy," she said.

"Not being famous or any other thing, but leaving that with my children so they can replicate that because it works."

Hamilton wowed hundreds of festival-goers at the Taste The World tent at Womad.

She was looking forward to "a bit of a rest" after her efforts but vowed to return to Taranaki in the future.

"Whether I am invited back or not, I'll still return. I'll bring my friends and family, it's a really amazing secret."

- Kyle Wadsworth is a Witt journalism student