Judge slams dog owners after attacks

03:15, May 09 2012

Dog attacks resulted in fines for two owners and a remand for another after they appeared in Hawera District Court yesterday.

Judge Allan Roberts noted the animals were all pit bulls. "There are responsibilities attached with dog ownership," he said. "Three prosecutions in the Stratford area with that type of dog, I wonder what the interest is?"

Manaz Khalil pleaded guilty to not muzzling her dog which attacked another animal in Midhirst on November 19.

The judge ordered her dog to be destroyed but she told him the dog had been given away.

Judge Roberts fined her $400 plus court costs and ordered her to pay a $429.40 vet bill for the other dog.

He then scoffed at Benjamin Boulton's claims that his dog had "broke his chain".


The dog ran off Boulton's Stratford property and bit a man on the hand, before biting the man's dog, which needed vet treatment.

Boulton said he had no idea where his dog was now.

"Come on, I know I look silly," Judge Roberts replied.

"You have the gall to tell me the dog's broken its chain, I disbelieve you."

He ordered the dog's destruction, a $400 fine and $328.20 reparation.

Kaleb Johns had his case remanded at large as Judge Roberts will review animal legislation.

Two dogs ran off Johns' property in January and jumped up on the woman victim.

However, Johns said it was the other dog that bit the woman, who had sought treatment at Hawera Hospital.

That animal has since been destroyed.

Through his counsel, Johns said this dog had only been following along and had never been bad before.

Judge Roberts remanded the case till May 22.

A 31-year-old Opunake man was jailed for six months for breaching a protection order. Shiloh Dallas Mareikura breached the order days after being convicted for the same thing in March.

Defence lawyer Rajan Rai said Mareikura had asked to see his son, something his ex-partner either agreed or disagreed to do like turning a tap on and off.

"He's just got to stay away from her," Judge Roberts said.

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